About Me

Fun Facts

  • I live in Bedford, NH with my husband, our son, two cats, and the world’s clumsiest dog.
  • Music is part of my everyday life and almost always finds its way into my therapy. 
  •  I love to dabble with technology – this site was personally designed by me. This interest made it very easy for me to transition into telepractice.

Educational Background

  • I graduated from Alvirne High School in 2008 – Go Broncos! I was a card-carrying band geek, always trucking my trumpet to and from school.
  • Next I attended The University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA. There I found my passion for speech and language while continuing to be a huge band geek. I learned some of my most memorable and useful teaching strategies by being taught by George N. Parks.
  • After that I attended The University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH. While there I worked incredibly hard to learn everything I could about how to become a great Speech-Language Pathologist. I am forever grateful for the mentorship and guidance of professors in the UNH Communication Sciences and Disorders department.  I graduated with distinction in 2014, specializing in Early Childhood.
Work Experience
  •  Since graduating from UNH, I have had a variety of experiences working with children from 18 months to 21+ years. 
  • I have been a preschool, kindergarten, middle and high school SLP. While my absolute favorite age group are my “littles,” I found the spunkiness and hilarity of high schoolers to be equally rewarding.
  • I had a brief stint as an AAC Specialist before realizing that my true love is therapy. While working at one of the regions major AAC Evaluation Centers, I evaluated children and adults to determine the just-right Augmentative or Alternative Communication System. I also worked collaboratively with school teams to support complex communicators in the academic environment. This was also when I learned the benefits for in-home therapy. There is no better way to know the practicality of my recommendations than seeing them in action in the real world.
  • Since my time as an AAC Specialist I have worked with private speech therapy companies. I’ve learned that the benefit of private services is the relationship that a therapist and family can use.