beach-themed activities for speech and language

Beach-Themed Activities for Speech and Language

We’re wrapping up the CRAZIEST year of my professional life. I am headed straight for the beach! I love living in a coastal state – what is it like to be completely landlocked? Tell me in the comment! This beach theme celebrates my happy place. These beach-themed activities for Speech and Language will pair nicely with Jimmy Buffet and a warm breeze.

Someone get me a beach chair and some sunscreen!

I’ll be hunkering down with a good book as soon as my last therapy session is complete! I just got a couple of books from Book of the Month (not an affiliate, just a gift from my awesome sister-in-law). For those of you who work in private practice, these activities will help you to feel those summer vibes from your office or computer chair. I hand-picked some great books, videos, and games for a beach-themed week of activities!

Beach-Themed Activities for Speech and Language | Books

I’ve been trending towards picture books the past couple of weeks. I want to give you some options for kids in pre-K to middle school. So, I chose an Eric Carle classic for your younger students and a book about Coding for your older elementary students. If you have a .edu email address, you can also read a passage from about Whales.

A House for Hermit Crab | Eric Carle

I wanted to make sure to have a younger elementary and older elementary story this week. The Eric Carle book is sweet and has a nice message. The next book warms my heart. Here are some quick ideas for how to pull-through your speech and language goals

  • Speech: Have your student listen for their speech sound! They get a point each time they hear it. You can also have them practice saying the word a few times.
  • Grammar: Have your student listen for their grammar target. Similar to their speech goal, they get a point each time they hear it. Bonus tip – Reading a book is a great opportunity for auditory bombardment. Before you ask your student to produce their target, please provide them with ample models and potentially visual support!
  • Practice describing and visualizing hermit crabs: size, color, action, shape, movement, etc.
  • Make a KWL- Chart about hermit Crabs – What do you know? What do you want to know? What did you learn?
  • Take a book walk and make predictions about what you think the book will be about
  • Pre-teach about hermit crabs – watch this video

How to Code a Sandcastle | Josh Funk

I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to adjust my therapy to be more inclusive. This story makes me happy because there’s a beautiful, creative, black girl who goes through the engineering process. As you may know, women of color are supremely underrepresented in the stem fields. I love that it is a STEM topic with a black girl as the main character. There’s so much to like about that! I’m also a sucker for a local author and Josh Funk is from my neck of the woods. As an aside, have you noticed that women of color are also sorely under-represented in our field? According to ASHA, 8.3% of our members identify as racial minorities, whereas 27.6% of the US population identify as racial minorities (read more about that here).

Beach-Themed Activities for Speech and Language | Safety Videos

Last week, we dove into the deep end with pool-themed activities and water safety. I gave you the low-down and some scary numbers. This week, we’re wading into some beach safety. The beach provides a whole slew of other dangers that we should be teaching to children.

Red Cross Beach Safety

This safety guide has some great tips for parents and students. If you’re providing remote therapy this summer, you can remind parents about beach safety while you teach their kid! As one of my students pointed out, he’s not a little kid. He knows how to swim. These reminders may seem infantile to some students, but if you frame it well, you can inspire some participation. Let’s move onto the next movie and then I’ll give you some ideas about how to use these videos in therapy.

Riptide Safety

Alright, this one is a little more specific. Again, your students may roll their eyes at these activities. Here’s how I made them a little more motivating.

  • Come up with a reason to watch these videos – will they be going to the beach soon?
  • Create a motivating writing activity – make a poster for younger kids, make a story about getting stuck in a riptide, etc.
  • Write a letter to a lifeguard

Why We Wear Sunscreen

Another important element of beach safety is skincare. We take care of our skin in my family, especially after watching my mother have multiple surgeries to remove basal-cell cancer from her face. It is critical to take care of the skin you are in and that starts at a young age. This video has some hard-hitting truths, but it’s totally worth it. Now let’s transition to thinking about how to play with our beach theme!

Beach-Themed Activities for Speech and Language | Games

We went to the beach almost every summer when I was a kid. I remember staying on the beach until sunset making sand-castles, body-surfing, boogie boarding, and playing frisbee (badly). We flew kites and had that quintessential childhood experience (ice cream included). In-person, I’d probably be making and playing with kites, making sand-castles, or playing card games with my students at a picnic table. Since most of us are still working remotely, I thought I’d bring the beach to you with these fun activities:

Building a Sandcastle | PBS

PBS has so many great activities. This sweet little sandcastle game is great for your littles. I’m thinking this will be fantastic as either a barrier game or a shared-mouse opportunity.

Ocean-Themed Games | PBS

There were too many fun games to choose from, so I included them all! Have fun exploring the ocean with these games. You can build in some vocabulary practice. I tend to build in drill-practice between “turns” for games like this.

Beach Memory

Here’s another game with cute photos. Take turns making matches and building sentences about your beach-themed vocabulary. You could use a list of action words and practice formulating sentences with a target noun and verb.

Wishing you a happy and healthy week!

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