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Firefighter Activities for Your Whole Caseload [Free Download]

Are you a busy SLP who knows that your students should be practicing their skills with contextualized materials, but you aren’t sure how to pull that off? Keep reading to get some ideas on how to use firefighter activities with your students this week!

It can be really overwhelming to stay caught up with new curriculum-demands and scheduling challenges. It’s not overly complicated, it just takes a ton of time, which we know you don’t have.

Let me do the internet searching for you. Every Saturday I share a new themed-unit. I share a few books, some videos, and related games. More importantly, I go through my materials and I share how I plan to use these materials in my own therapy! You’ll have some ideas for almost your entire caseload by the time I’m done with you. You might have a few special students that require a little extra TLC, but you’ll have the time to give them that TLC because the rest of your students are already covered. 

So if you like for things to have a feeling of gentleness and ease. If you want your caseload and planning to fall into place each week – go ahead and sign up for my email list (emails will be starting as soon as I get a P.O. Box!) and follow me on instagram where I post some insight into who I am and what makes me tick (plus some adorable pics of my kid).

Firefighter Activities | Week 2 of Community Helpers

This week we’re learning all about firefighters. These men and women run into burning buildings, climb really tall ladders, and get dressed faster than most people brush their teeth! So, if you’re a team-player starting the year with Community Helpers, I hope these firefighter activities will help you to enrich the lives of your students and their peers.

Here’s what we’ve got going on this week:

If you’ve gotten this far, make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom of this page to get my FREE DOWNLOAD for these firefighter activities. It pairs nicely with these books I’m about to share with you (like dessert wine and twinkies, amiright?). I went through and picked out tons of nouns, verbs, and adjectives that you can use in your therapy. I also brainstormed social scenarios to act out and conversations to have. Take a look and let me know if you’d like me to help you out with any of your other goals!

Firefighter Theme | Books

Big Frank’s Fire Truck by Leslie McGuire

This week we’re starting off with Big Frank’s Fire Truck by Leslie McGuire. We follow along with Big Frank as he takes a few calls and visits a school to talk about fire safety! This book will be really enjoyable for many of your students!

My Mom is a Firefighter by Lou G. Grambling

Next on our list, we have My Mom is a Firefighter by Lou G. Grambling. This book is great because it breaks down gender norms and as a bonus, the main character’s name is Billy! I married a Billy, so I couldn’t resist including this one.

Firefighter Activities | Videos

Learn about Firefighters for Kids

This first video teaches kids all about firefighters in a happy cartoonistic way. I like the expository format and the non-fiction approach. This would be a great video to pair with a story or to use as a way to boost background knowledge before diving into a picture book.

Fire Safety Education Video

Next on the list, we have a safety video. If you read my previous posts about water safety in the pool and on the beach, you know I’m all about teaching safety. “Our kids” are at increased risk during dangerous situations because they 1) might not be able to clearly express what they know and/or 2) may not understand what to do in an emergency. This video would be useful to review with every student every single year.

Firefighter Activities | Games and TPT Freebies

This week I’m giving you a sampling of the free materials available to you on Teacher Pay Teacher. These downloads are fun, flirty, and under 30! 30 minutes, that is! You can use these firefighter activities along with any of the videos above to continue to target your goals in a contextualized way. Who doesn’t love staying on-theme?

As a sidebar – why do I think themes are important? It’s all about that working memory. If we’re able to introduce a topic and help a student to recall their prior knowledge about the topic, then their brain doesn’t have to do a ton of work just to remember what we’re talking about.


Let me give you a silly example… with cats.

If you’ve never had a cat, you might be confused if I tell you about the “dew claw.” You might get stuck deciphering this information and hung-up on figuring out this pretty obscure vocabulary word. This would be fine if we were working on finding meaning of novel words from context, but today our task is formulating grammatical sentences and synthesizing what we know into sequenced summaries. See the problem? Your brain is working way too hard on a task that I don’t want you to practice right now. Using a theme across several sessions helps to decrease this load, which will ultimately make your therapy more effective. As a bonus, I heard a rumor that contextualized therapy generalizes more easily to other environments!

If you’re looking for more information about contextualized therapy, Marisha at SLP Now does a fantastic job explaining it on this podcast.

Firefighter Games

TPT Language Activities

Reading & Literacy Activities

More Firefighter Freebies from TPT

FREEBIE from Kayla

I’ve pulled together some word lists and ideas for targeting my most common goals using these resources. You can download that here.

More Resources for SLPs

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