Four Things Every Parent Should Know About Language By The First Birthday

There are exactly FOUR parent factors that impact a child's language development.

If you want to hear the knitty gritty research, go ask Megan Roberts and Ann Kaiser in their research article, The Effectiveness of Parent-Implemented Language Interventions: A Meta-Analysis. 

These women reviewed 18 studies to figure out how parents affect language growth.

They found four different factors  that play a major role in language learning.

Factor 1: How much you interact with your child

Holy Mom Guilt Batman.

The amount we interact with our kids actually impacts their later language skills. 

The more opportunities we can create, the better their language skills will be!

 You can engage with your child…

  • as you drive to the grocery store
  • while you change their diaper
  • while folding and re-folding laundry
  • during a competitive football game

Factor 2: Noticing and Responding to Your Child's Communication

Body language and behavior are communication. Take a look at your child. What is their body communicating to you?

This is the type of information we’re talking about. Is your baby eyeballing the bag of cookies? 

Pro parents build language when they begin searching for the hidden messages.

Factor 3: More and Better Talking

The more a parent talks to their child at the just-right level, the higher their language skills later.

Parents of kids with developmental language disabilities talk to their children less.

Before you go inhale all the chocolate in the house, listen to me.

There’s a cycle that happens. Parents of kids with great language systems model, their kids respond, they enjoy that, so they model more.

Parents of kids with weak language systems model, their kids don’t respond, they don’t enjoy that, so they model less.

Factor 4: Kids with Parents Who Knew Language Strategies Learned more Language

THIS. This is why I’m about to teach a course for parents of toddlers. Because of this factor right here.

Kids whose parents use language strategies had better outcomes. 

Do you have language strategies? What kinds of strategies do you use at home?

Come Learn Language Strategies!

We’re diving into language-teaching strategies in my new course. 

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