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Remote Learning Resources | Free and Easy

I’ll be entering my fifth week of remote learning this week. It’s getting fun! I might be weird… Anyways, here are the remote learning resources I’m excited to use with my students this week!

Some things I’ve learned – the simpler the activity, the better the result. I’ve also learned to line up the activities in different full-screen windows on my Mac, so it’s easy to use a four-finger swipe to switch between activities.

Here’s my materials round-up for the week. Feel free to bookmark this page for those last-minute session ideas.

If these activities aren’t what you’re looking for, try some of these!

I’m finding the after-lunch session to be my most stressful. What time of day do you find yourself feeling least prepared?

Remote Learning Resources | Books

In person, I use books every single week to work on a huge variety of therapy targets. I typically stick to one book for an entire month and really dive in with background information, grammar instruction, sentence instruction, summarization, and a parallel story at the end. Since things have been so up in the air, I haven’t been diving in as much, but I can still use any book to target all of these things on any given day. How do you use literacy-based instruction?

The Book with No Pictures

B.J. Novak might look familiar to those of you who watched The Office. He’s written several awesome books and this one is no different! I love watching him read his book during this live event.

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

We all know that these are trying times for everyone. Most of us have heard the buzzwords grit, resilience, and growth mindset. They aren’t just buzzwords and this story does a great job highlighting why perfection isn’t as fun as one might think.

Remote Learning Resources | Games

I had a supervisor tell me that the kids “didn’t have to like [me]” in speech. Now I tell all of my grad students the opposite. It all comes down to the relationship. If a student trusts you and knows that you will make their work the right level of difficult and marginally engaging, then you’re probably going to be okay. Engaging online means playing games. You can use your paper materials to practice each turn of the game. Some of these games even have integrated concepts and vocabulary that you can target while playing.

remote learning resources
Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

Toy Theater

Oh my gosh! The more I look, the more I love this site! There are simple cute games like basketball and even board games. I’ve been sorely missing my board games. This one will be a favorite for the rest of the year and maybe the rest of my career! The only downside is that it’s a little ad-heavy, but it makes up for it with content.


I’m sure you’ve heard of ABCya. It’s great. What does it have? Well, there are tons of games for a huge variety of topics: cats, cars, food, stories, math, language art, music….. You get the point. Go check them out! I know I’ll be exploring their site. Let me know in the comments if you find a cool game.

Make Your Own Hangman

I immediately used this site for personal purposes and sent my husband a hangman that said: “I love you.” Cheesy – sorry. Girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. But seriously, think of the conversation you can stir with your own personal hangman! Get excited people!

Remote Learning Videos

I love to use videos in therapy. This week I have a video of someone else explaining some executive functioning strategies and a website with a ton of mindfulness and brain break videos. I find Seth Perler’s advice useful in my own life, especially when it comes to managing my email. How can you use these remote learning resources in speech or language therapy? Talk about it, watch it, talk about it some more. You’ll be able to formulate sentences, summarize, recast, and expand to your SLP heart’s delight with these videos.

Seth Perler – Executive Function Coach

One of my Occupational Therapy colleagues tipped me off about this guy, Seth Perler. I LOVE HIM. He’s this chill, Californian executive functioning coach, who makes awesome videos. I sent a couple of students his video about how to take care of yourself during this time. Now that “this time” is “the rest of the year,” I’m going to be sharing it a lot more. My middle schoolers need someone to talk to them about investing in themselves.


You know that wiggly kid? The one you see right before your bathroom break… This is for him. Get him up and moving by sharing a GoNoodle video. He can practice following directions, learn linguistic concepts, and explain what happened. This is an oldy, but goody from my therapy toolkit to yours. Go on… be the fun SLP. Sign up for an educator account or just use the free resources they have available on their website.

The Goal for the Week: Keep up with Documentation

I don’t know about you, but this shift has created more documentation than ever before.

I have to track who I saw, who I tried to see, who was with me when I saw or didn’t see who I tried to see…

I’m overwhelmed, but this week I’m going to figure out a system. What’s your new system? How are you handling this overwhelming time?

Have a happy, healthy, and fun week of therapy.

See you next Sunday!


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