School-Aged Kids | Speech Therapy Nashua NH

Based in Milford, Kayla Calabro Speech Services is proud to provide virtual speech therapy in Nashua NH and surrounding towns.
First Appointment
This appointment builds a picture of what challenges your child at home and/or in the community. From those challenges, we will build a plan.
Parent Interview: During this interview, you will complete a case-history form. Please plan to take part in this open conversation when your child is not able to hear you.
Following the parent interview, your child will take the stage.
Evaluation activities for school-aged children include:
  • Interview. Children often know what challenges them. This interview illustrates your child’s awareness of and reaction to their skills.
  • Standardized Assessments. These tools help us to measure your child’s skills in comparison to other children who are the same age.
  • Language Sampling. Through a variety of open-ended activities, the evaluator analyzes your child’s language.
  • Conversation. The assessment begins when your child joins the meeting. The evaluator notes the success of their communication style and skills throughout.
After the Evaluation
The purpose of an evaluation is to determine three things. First, what diagnosis applies to this child? Second, how likely is it that therapy will improve their challenges. Third, what should the focus of therapy be?
One week after the assessment, the evaluator and the family meet to discuss the results. An evaluation report describes the three elements listed above. During the evaluation review meeting, the team reviews the report. The evaluator finalizes the report after determining that clinical observations match real-life observations. A PDF of the report can be accessed at any time by the family on the Practice Portal.
Speech Therapy Nashua NH | Based in Milford, Kayla Calabro provides virtual speech therapy to surrounding towns

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