KCSS proudly provides teletherapy at this time. We encourage everyone to continue to stay safe, wear masks, and help to flatten the curve.

Evaluation and Therapy

Speech Evaluation: This evaluation analyzes your child’s pronunciation of sounds in words, sentences, and conversational speech. Using observation and standardized testing, I determine what sounds your child is producing correctly and which ones may need support. Results of this evaluation will guide speech therapy targets.

Language Evaluation: This evaluation will provide information about what your child understands (receptive language) as well as what they say (expressive language).  Results of this evaluation will guide language therapy targets.

File Review & Diagnostic Therapy: Sometimes clients come to me with evaluation reports from prior SLPs. I appreciate this background information and may be able to use the evaluation to begin treatment right away.  In this situation, the initial therapy sessions are diagnostic in nature, to determine if updated testing is necessary.

Telepractice: For many clients, therapy and evaluation can be completed using video-conferencing technology. While many children are not the right match for teletherapy due to attention and engagement challenges, parents and facilitators can work with the therapist to conduct therapy in the home during therapy. This collaboration works beautifully to build routines at home that will facilitate language or speech practice in the home. 


Parent Workshops

  • FREE Baby/Toddler Sign Language Groups (Thursdays at 10:00 EST)
  • Supports for Remote Learning

Professional Workshops (upon request)

  • Speech and Language Development
  • When to Refer to an SLP
  • Visual Supports for Increased Comprehension