What's going on and how can I help you?

Your child's speech is hard for you or other people to understand.

Your child will join me for a “please name these random pictures” session (also known as testing, but who likes testing?). Once they name all of the pictures, I’ll have a full picture of how they say ALL of the sounds in our language. 

Now that we know what’s going on, you and I will make a plan to work on improving their speech. I’ll teach you how to do what I do, so your child gets practice 7 days a week (no flashcards needed).

Your toddler isn't speaking as much as you think they should.

If you’re nervous that your child’s developing speech and language slower than other children, let’s talk it out. You can help me to figure out what’s going on. Is your child developing on-track or do they need a little extra support? 

Before you ask…don’t worry – I’m not going to make you wrangle your toddler into a computer chair.

Your toddler can play while you answer questions and discuss your observations. I also love when parents can share videos with me so you can show me what’s really going on at home.

Your child can't tell a story to save their life.

Are you constantly listening to stories that make absolutely no sense? Does your child confuse the words he, she, and they? What about him and her? You’re not alone! Many kids have a hard time telling stories and using the right pronouns. If your child is heading into preschool, you want to help them with this skill (before that you’ve just got to white-knuckle it, sorry!)

Your child is stuttering.

Did your toddler just start stuttering? Or maybe your middle schooler would like to get some control over their speech? Either way, you and your child can meet with me to discuss the impact of stuttering on your lives. We can work together to come up with a plan that meets your child’s individual needs.

You're overwhelmed by your child's AAC device

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your child’s AAC system? Did your family do all of the work for a trial and AAC device evaluation and you’re feeling like you don’t even use it at home? For many families, AAC is overwhelming and more easily implemented at school. You and I can work together to get to know your child’s system and make plans that actually work with your family to meet your needs.

Your child was evaluated already.

You and your child already put in the time, money, and energy for an evaluation somewhere else? I am more than willing to review the information that is already available and jump right into therapy. You can expect a perioud of “diagnostic therapy” before we can decide which goals to pursue.

Teletherapy just doesn't work for your family.

You’ve tried teletherapy and it probably totally bombed. The pressure was high and your child made little to no progress. Woof. You may decide to give it another go with me. Your concerns are valid and this scenario isn’t uncommon. 

Have you already tried thinking of some creative solutions? For example, some families may benefit from a 30 minute parent coaching session with video homework and feedback. 

Your child attends a private school with no SLP on staff

You adore the structure of your child’s school, but there’s no Speech-Language Pathologist on staff there. Your child deserves to have teachers and support staff who understand their individual needs. You or your child’s school can work with me for  virtual in-service trainings, monthly consultations, or other supports that work for your family.

Still not convinced?

You have a lot on your plate and you need to completely gel with your child’s service providers. I get that 100%. I feel the same exact way. If you end up not liking my style and want to make a change I will not take it personally in the least. If you still have some questions about how things work, go check out my FAQ page or send me an email.