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This post is the first of a new Community series. Our SLP community spans the entire world and each of us approaches our field from a different perspective and scope of reference.

What I love about the SLP Community

While we’re often team-players, some of us rarely get to interact with other SLP’s.

Our settings and scopes vary so much, and I want to learn from the experiences of others.

I plan to interview other SLP’s (or other related professions) and share what I learn each month.

Our experiences are fascinating and worth sharing.

Why Highlight our SLP Community

Two experiences spurred this section into being.

The first was a graduate student reaching out to me and asking me for an internship. She pointed out to me the struggles that graduate students across the country are facing while the country is – for lack of a better word – shut down.

The second is the global uprising against systemic racism that has taken over our country. I realized that I don’t know what I don’t know – which means I am ignorant.

I wanted to take on these interviews as an opportunity to expand my horizons.

As a bonus, I get to meet some fantastic people.

My Goals for this SLP Community

I am hopeful that this community will help to connect us.

It will build bridges and provide an opportunity for others to be heard.

Obviously, as someone who bought a website, I like to talk and feel I have something to say.

This segment of my site is more about listening than speaking. I will mostly be practicing empathy and active listening.

For each interview, I will be sharing my major takeaways and some actions for each of us to take.

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I know first-hand that communication is power.

I want this site to provide power to our community.

If I can help others to take a step up the ladder, I will gladly do it.


If you would like to be interviewed, please reach out to me using the contact page.

To my interviewees – thank you for your time, energy, and patience. I appreciate your energy and passion for our field.

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