6 Bug-themed SLP Therapy Activities Your Students Will Love

We’re entering week 7 of remote learning up here in New Hampshire. I’ll be curating awesome SLP therapy activities for another six weeks, so keep checking back! I like to have a couple of games, a couple of books, and some manipulatives that I can use for the whole week to target nearly any goal. This week, my theme is bugs. Summer is coming and I want to get my students engaged with the season.

I keep reminding myself to keep it simple. Thank goodness I simplified my emails and already have reminder emails for all of my students this week! Next up, simplifying my plans for the week. I try to target all of my goals with a small group of activities. As the week progresses, I get better at adapting these materials to meet any need as the week progresses. Sometimes I pull up old stand-bys that were successful a few weeks ago.

Here are some of the lesson plans I’ve taught this year:

My resources are collected in a single PDF. You can download it here.

Check out my SLP therapy activities below. You can use the books and videos to target narratives, grammar, and receptive language. The games are great for reinforcement and engagement. Let me know what you think!

SLP Therapy Activities | Books

The Very Busy Spider – by Eric Carle

I love this book because you meet a ton of farm animals, so you can target multiple categories at once! You could target story re-telling, summarizing, and sequencing using this story. I also like to use this story as an example for social skill practice- how do you interrupt someone? How would you know they were busy? Is it polite to ignore someone when they ask you a question? I think you can guess my opinions about the spider’s social skills…

Ride, Flyguy, Ride – by Tedd Arnold

The man reading this one speaks very slowly. You might want to use this as a model for your fluency students! A lot is going on in this story. I plan to use it for sequencing, story re-telling, articulation, and writing with sequence words.

SLP Therapy Activities | Videos

Mystery Doug | What is the Biggest Spider in the World?

I love the Mystery Doug and Mystery Science videos to build engagement and pull up background knowledge about a topic. This video is about spiders, which, for many people (myself included), will certainly pull up some strong emotions. Strong emotions build strong mental connections!

TED-Ed | A Simple Way to Tell Insects Apart

This one is for my older students or my younger students who are obsessed with big words. There are plenty of vocabulary word opportunities in this video. I’d skip learning all of the category and insect-specific names and stick to tier-two vocabulary: examining, classification, common, primitive, piercing, siphoning, unfurl, etc. There’s also a transcript available on the site, so you could practice using context clues (from surrounding words and the video) to guess what the words mean.

SLP Therapy Activitis | Games

Curious George | Bug Catcher

I’m planning to target some quantitative basic concepts with this one. I also have been taking advantage of the barrier-game-esque quality of screen sharing and having my students express location concepts to explain where I should click.

Pest Detective

Okay, this is from a weird part of the internet. Who knew there was a whole website called Pest World for Kids? I think this will be a hilarious way to build interest for some of my older kids. Luckily I have some good sports who will roll their eyes and say “okay Mrs. Calabro, we’ll play your weird bug game.” You use hints to figure out what happened, so it will be great for my kids working on inferencing and we can build in complex sentences as well. If my list didn’t give you what you needed, their main site has a lot of games, so I’d recommend checking it out.

Have a fantastic week!


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SLP Therapy Activities

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