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I hope you all are ready for this week’s speech therapy theme: camping! Like many of you, I was not a teletherapist until a few months ago. In the beginning, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted. I wondered how in the world I would continue to support my students virtually. What was I going to do over Zoom and Google Meet? Many hours of professional development later, I realized that teletherapy was just a different way of doing what I normally did in person. Like my in-person therapy sessions, I pick a couple of activities to target any goal and I’m extremely flexible. I’d argue that if you know what you’re targeting, you can practice almost any language skill in nearly any daily living or play-based activity.

Here are some more lesson plan posts:

Since I am a huge fan of contextualized therapy, I pick a weekly speech therapy theme to help organize my planning. There are countless benefits to contextualized therapy: decreased working memory demands, easier planning, easy carry-over, and so many more. Once you introduce the topic and pull up relevant background knowledge, the student’s working memory demands decrease. Not to mention, it makes planning a whole lot easier.

As I mentioned, this week’s speech therapy theme is camping. We’re celebrating all of the things: tents, woodland creatures, fire pits, s’mores, bug bites… Which goes well with our speech therapy theme from a couple of weeks ago: bugs

Speech Therapy Theme | Camping Books

Let’s start with my books and articles for the week. I have two picture books and one article, so you should be able to find something for everyone in a Pre-K to Middle School caseload. For my students that are reading picture books, I will have them fill in my story retelling worksheet.

Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping | by Peggy Parish

Amelia Bedelia is Peggy Roger’s beloved character who takes things a little too literally. Her books are great for double meaning words and figurative language discussions. I’m planning to play this video muted since all of the words are available on each page.

Pete the Cat Goes Camping | by James Dean

Pete the Cat is a very popular guy at our house, so I couldn’t resist planning with this camping-themed book. In this story, Pete goes camping for the first time. He ends up having an interaction with Big Foot! Therapeutically, there are some great camping-related vocabulary words. I’m planning to have my students read this story, then I will have them re-tell the story. I use my super simple handout to work on retelling sequential stories. Once the students have doodled each section of the story, I have them cut it out and practice re-telling the story. This is also great as a carryover activity since they can practice retelling the story to their family members. You could also practice sorting the camping supplies into subcategories or functions. If your students don’t have access to a printer, they could fold the paper to make six squares and then cut along the fold! Let me know how you end up using this book!

State parks hope to tempt kids into nature, not Nintendo | Newsela

This one is for my middle schoolers. I like to read Newsela articles with them and practice summarizing. I never realized how much you learn about a student’s comprehension by asking them to retell what an article was about in their own words. It’s incredibly tricky for a lot of students! Summarizing activities help me to target vocabulary, comprehension, and written expression within the same group.

Speech Therapy Theme | Camping Videos

The Future of Camping | TED

This TED talk is a really intriguing presentation about State Parks. I think that she does a nice job presenting her case with images and background knowledge. I think there are a lot of opportunities for vocabulary expansion, comprehension, presentation skills (pragmatics), and narrative discourse.

How to Set Up a Campsite | How To Do Florida

This video is pure gold for anyone who is looking to go on a virtual camping trip with students. There are plenty of tips for setting up the campsite appropriately. You can also ask tons of comprehension questions.

  • What makes a good campsite? (shady and near a bathroom)
  • What are the three main areas of a campsite? (fire area, kitchen and washing area, sleeping area)
  • What do you have to clear away before you set up a tent? (sticks and stones)
  • Why do you take off your shoes before going into the tent? (to keep it clean)
  • Why can’t you have smelly things in your tent? (it will attract critters)
  • What is gray water? (wastewater from cleaning dishes)
  • Where should you keep the fire? why? (in the fire ring or a grill – to prevent forest fires)
  • How far away should your tent be from your fire pit? (at least 100 feet)

Speech Therapy Theme | Camping Games

S’MORE Word Game

You know that game where you are given a set of letters and you have to come up with as many words as possible using those letters? That game is called the S’MORE game! Who knew? I guess you have to think of S’MORE words. Too punny. I think this game will be a great break for some of my older students, while still keeping their brains thinking and retrieving vocabulary. For some of my younger students, the timer and the spelling requirements will make this game a little too hard.

Go Fish

I am so excited about this online Go Fish game! You play against the computer. I wish that you could play against the student, but I think it will still be a great activity. I’m planning to do some of my drill-based therapy during this game. Here are some of my plans for what the kids can do each turn:

  • Say their articulation target three times
  • turn a present-tense verb into a past-tense verb
  • answer a wh-question
  • use a vocabulary word in a sentence
  • make a sentence given two vocabulary words

I hope these camping-themed activities help to simplify your therapy activities this week! Let me know if you have any questions! I am planning to transition over to kaylacalabro.com soon. If you would like to stay updated, please sign up for my email list!


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