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Teletherapy Activities | Mud Theme

Hi there! I’ve been collecting teletherapy activities by theme this spring. I’m not the first SLP to realize that theme-based therapy helps to calm the chaos, especially right now.

This week, my teletherapy activities are all about MUD. We’ll be talking about mud and dirt and things you can do with mud and dirt. As a kid (and an adult) I was not the biggest fan of mud or going outside in the rain. For a kid like me, it was intimidating and anxiety-provoking to go out in the rain and mud to play! On the other hand, one of my fondest memories is playing in the mud with my neighbors when they dug a big hole for their new pool. We had so much fun having mud fights and getting so messy. Now that I’m a mom, I want to encourage my son to go outside rain or shine! These activities come from that place – wanting to celebrate mess and mud.

These simple and free teletherapy activities will hopefully help you to keep your students engaged. If you’re looking for some more ideas for younger students, these preschool mud activities might be great! You could also make some delicious mud cups! If you have a few more weeks and haven’t been following along, my bug and camping plans might be a good place to go next!

Teletherapy Activities | Books

First, let’s start with some books! I use books for almost any SLP goal. These books celebrate rain and mud. The first book is a story about a little boy who loves the rain and the second one is about a school made out of mud. Keep reading to find out how I plan to use these books with my students!


On a rainy day, a little boy and a grumpy old man both go on a walk to their favorite coffee shop! They have a very different reaction to the rain! I’ll be using this book as an opportunity to discuss body language, compare and contrast characters, and narrative retelling!

Rain School

Mrs. Wishy Washy’s Farm by Joy Cowley

Teletherapy Activities | Videos

Now let’s dive into some videos. These videos explore mud in a different way than the books above. I often find that how-to videos help to teach sequencing and videos with minimal speech provide rich language opportunities. Check out these videos below! If you’re interested, I have more tips for using videos in therapy.

Playing in the Mud

As I mentioned above, one of my favorite childhood memories involves playing in a mud puddle! These kids are having a blast playing with each other in the mud. I learned from my camping unit that a lot of my students had never been camping, so I’m assuming playing in the mud will be similar. My students will be labeling the action words, describing what they see, and coming up with their own stories about playing in the mud.

How to Make Clay from Dirt

Clean Mud | How to Make It

This how-to video is pretty dry. I probably won’t be watching it with my students. With a little coordination, this could be a great activity to do via teletherapy.

Teletherapy Activities | Games

I feel like my use of games in therapy has ebbed and flowed throughout my career. I love play therapy and I think it is one of the best ways to teach, but I’ve been more of a literacy-based interventionist recently. These games are a fun way to wrap-up a session or practice skills during drills. Let me know how you use them with your students!

Dirtbike Race

This simple teletherapy activity will be fun for your older students. I would send my students the link and have them take turns playing the game with their screen shared. They can give feedback to one another and/or practice a rote skill between turns.

“Mud” Dice Game

I’ve called this game so many names in the past, but it’s a fun one to play! Basically, you take turns rolling dice and if your die lands on 1, you are “stuck in the mud” and lose all of your points! Here’s how you play: (1) set a timer (2) the first player rolls the dice (3) they practice their target skill the number on the dice (4) add the number of correct productions to the student’s score (5) take turns and continue to play until the timer goes off. The person with the most points wins.

Game Modifications:

  • Roll a 1: “stuck in the mud” can mean:
    • lose one point
    • all of your points are gone
    • skip a turn
  • Other trick rolls (choose a number to go with this special activity): Practice your skill while
    • speaking in a whisper, squeaky voice, old lady voice, etc.
    • doing jumping jacks
    • making a silly face

I hope you have a great time playing around with the idea of mud this week! Next week I’m planning a pool and water safety unit! Stay tuned! Sign up for my email list for updates!

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