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Hey teletherapy friends,

Since it’s Sunday, I’m planning my teletherapy sessions for the week. Both of the schools I work at are fully embracing remote learning, so I’ve been compiling some internet resources to use with my kiddos. Here’s a peek into my virtual speech room. What are your plans for the week?

If these activities aren’t what you’re looking for, here are some other resources! Go ahead and click on them now, so you can look at them later:

Teletherapy Books

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

First, a picture-book by Laura Numeroff. This simple book is great for sequencing, vocabulary. Not to mention, it’s really cute!

What’s For Breakfast by Readworks

You need a Readworks account, but that’s free. Take the few minutes that it takes to sign up and you won’t regret it (not an ad, just the truth). This story is about a little boy that gets into trouble for something his sister’s cat did. There are some cute similes and lots of inferencing. Great for those older kiddos who don’t need picture books. There’s also a recording available, so you could assign this as homework to your students who aren’t yet independent readers.

Teletherapy Games

Baby Fox’s Big Machine

Photo from PBS Kids

I’ll be playing this as a barrier game with my students. They’ll have to describe what they want me to do. It also includes some great math vocabulary (vertical, horizontal, etc.)

Crossword Puzzles

Photo from Lovatts Puzzles

These are great for working on common vocabulary and talking about synonyms and antonyms. We can also use some executive functioning strategies (e.g., skip the hard questions and answer the ones that you know already).

Teletherapy Videos

Dude Perfect

These guys are funny and talented. I’m planning to watch this with my smaller and older students for different reasons. My littles can re-tell what happened using irregular and regular past tense. Upper elementary students might practice inferencing. Middle schoolers can pick one and use sequence words to tell about their favorite shot. Win- Win- Win!

Pip | A Short Animated Film

This animated short is about a little dog who wants to be a guide-dog. He works really hard, but can’t seem to catch a break. If you haven’t already discovered animated shorts, they are a great way to build expressive language describing, inferencing, and social skills. I especially like using them in teletherapy! I can pause the video and discuss what is happening with my students. With Zoom I can even annotate on the video!

Remote Learning Goal: Keep it Simple

All in all, I need to Keep it So Simple this week. I’ve been trying to target multiple goals and it just isn’t working for anyone. This week my plan is to do a therapy sandwich… baseline data – therapy – end of session data. Boom. Done.

I’ve also been simplifying my emails by using templates and email scheduling.

How has teletherapy been going for you? What are your favorite resources?


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